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BBMak ( vote for GOYAM on TRL!)
Show Reviews

This band is awesome live!

BBMAK At MTV VMA WEEK/with Mandy Moore

South street seaport

Mandy moore started off the show... i must say the speakers were up to loud for her voice...

Now when BBMAK came out the girls (includeing me) whent crazy! the played a bunch of there songs from the CD!
and sounded AMAZING! that was the firt time i ever saw them live and it was the best show i will ever see

Net i saw BBMAK at there show in moristown Jessica riddle was great for there opeing act same with lugo...
when BBMAK came out they gave a to die for preformance preforming every song off the album...
an mark played his pipes for us he was AMAZING!
the worst part was when my camra broke i mean i was like outside out side the tour buss and BBMAK was like 5 feet waya and wekk folks my camra broke! waaaaa

ok well the winter jam was long but wonderfull
bbmak came on and preformend a set of 3 songs (back here) (still on your side) and (im not in love) it was wonderfull altho i was wondering WHY they had there jackets on..and mark well hmm do i have to say sunglasses "again" ..MARK we want to see them pretty eyes! think the show went super well for them and i enjoyed it ...i also thought is was funny christina was last and by the time she came on people were like leaving
lata peple

Upcoming Shows

Winter Jam dec 10
Washington Dc dec 12

upcoming show rev.
GMA (good morinng america)xmas show