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BBMak ( updated YAY! and vote vote vote for on the line)
News and Gossip (updated 8/7/01)

Here's the scoop...



~10/18/01 sorry i have not updated latley but here i am back here again and i hope to update more!
heres whats going on so far
BBMak have appered on two soundtracks "on the line" and "princess diarys" and christian burns is also on "on the line" the song so vote vote vote on trl for it now!!! t
thanks and check back soon for updated picture gallery

~8/7/01 well if u have not herd BBMak will not be comeing back to the USA for a bit they will be in england working on there new album and will be back sometime next year :(:( we will miss em but im sure there new album will be Worth the wait and i will be adding more pictures Very soon

~7/4/01 hmm well acording to time in england its the fourth Ste's B-day so Happy B-day Ste! the Big 23!

~6/27/01 sorry i have not updated ths page in a while but heres some news Chris CUT his Hair! and il have the pics Up soon. Personly i think its hot but alot of other ppl doont like it.And hmm BBMak this week has Off this week and next week i belive OHh and last but not least they will be doing some more shows with Nsync in August!

~4/27/01 BBMaks Home Video has been relsead and u can by it at
i have both the DVD and Video i recomend getting it! it has Cb with underwere on his head!nad no shirt on! YUMMM!

~ some good news For the Barry Family. Marks Sister is having another BABY! as u might alredy know she has on namedd Emily who mark wrote a song about and mabe mark will write on for the new BABY!

~ 3/27/01 Heres what i have today ... MArk has a tatoo a music note! and Gost of u and me is on the radios now so go reques! And bbmak filming something for a tv show i think in vitetnam i think not sure on that so il get back to u soon

BBMak on Tour w/ *NSYNC dates!!!!
Keep checking back for more details.
5/12 - Miami
5/15 - Tampa
5/18 - Jacksonville
5/20 - Jackson, MI
5/22 - Charlotte
5/24 - Atlanta
5/28 - Hershey, Pa

~ just if u r wondering mark has a doggie a chihuaha named falicity i think

~BBMAK will be appering on monday presenting at the AMA's at *8pm,jan 8th,ABC
* Best of making the video...MTV,10:30pm,Jan 9
*Tonight show with Jay Leno...NBC,11:35,jan 9

~BBMAK has just finished the american tour and it when out wiht a bang form what i here.... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BBMAK

~ roumor also has it BBMAK aperence on good mornig america (GMA) will be shown on xmas

~ hey i called BBMAK at Z100
(they were on the interactive 9@9)
i think i got not sure i was so nervos...i was gona ask them what color there boxers were
I jsut had to say i was crying ther first 100 time i was calling cuz i kept getting a busy signal...i told the lady on the other line i was 16 im really (14)


~4/2/01: THE ex-boyfriend of supermodel Caprice Bourret has revealed why he dumped her -
because she was just too BOSSY.

Hunky Christian Burns, singer in boy band BBMak, split with the ex-Wonderbra
girl after two months. He said: "She could be very demanding and I found that
very difficult.

"Caprice liked to be in control of me at all times but, like most men, I don't
appreciate being told what to do.

"She was too domineering and even she admitted that she liked to get her own way
in all things."

The Californian model - who had dated Rod Stewart and Prince Andrew - started
going out with Christian after spotting him in a pop video and getting a pal to
give him her number.

After the couple's first dinner date the pair went back to Caprice's flat in
Fulham, West London, where they stayed holed up for two days.

Christian, 27, recalled: "At first I thought we were really well suited.

"But increasingly we would niggle about where to eat or what film we would
watch. Caprice knew exactly what she liked to do.

"After a while I started to resent being told what to do all the time."

The bust-up came in February after Wigan-born Christian decided to go to the
Brit Awards with his band pals rather than escort Caprice, 29.

She turned up in a skimpy party outfit and flirted outrageously with other men
at the bash.

Christian, who starts a US tour with BBMak this week, said: "Caprice later left
a message on my phone but it was two weeks before I found it.

"I thought of calling her back but decided I didn't feel the same way about her.
The awards saga had made me think twice about how suited we really were."

Christian thinks Caprice was seeking a perfect man to settle down with. "I
wasn't ready for that commitment," he said.

BBMak's single Still On Your Side is out tomorrow, followed by their album on
May 28. -

that mark and chris smoke!
from what i here they do bob says its not true but alot of people say it is so i think this is one we have to uncover for r sleves

*Rumor has it christian has been seeing Mandy Moore tehy reply with were good friends but thats all

BBMAK made a aperace with mandy at the billboards the other night....

i dont belive chris would date mandy cuz hes 26 she 16

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!