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Interviews/BBMAK FACTS

BBMAK interviws

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we Brits do better in the great Atlantic music swap than the Americans the kind Yanks have given us Britney, N Sync, the BSB and Eminem. Yet no matter how much we love em, if our fave British acts (Steps, A1, Atomic Kitten) set foot in the US of A, 99.9% of the population would think, "Who?"
"Breaking America" as muso types call it has therefore become the holy grail of British popdom, cos its so hard for a band to achieve. BB Mak are one of the few Brit boybands to have made it big Stateside and now theyre back here (ahem) to rock our charts too.
Their tale begins many moons ago in the Northwest of England. It was 1996 and Christian Burns, Mark Barry and Steven McNally found themselves united by their love of old skool pop The Beatles, The Bee Gees and (why?) Billy Joel. This inspired the lads to form their own band and get back to good ol basics their group were gonna write their own material, sing live and play their own instruments, without the smart dance routines and special FX.
With the line-up of Christian on guitar, Ste on lead and Mark on, erm, Irish whistle they took to the 99 Smash Hits tour and released their first single Back Here in August 1999. Then, as in all good fairytales, things went a bit pear shaped the single only made it to No.37 in our charts and BB Mak feared they were in danger of disappearing without a trace. There was only one thing to do, a risky plan but it may just work fly to America, work their toned bottoms off there and then return to Blighty in a blaze of glory.
So in January 2000 the lads from Liverpool (Christian and Ste) and Manchester (Mark) packed their bags and took on the difficult business of promoting themselves in another continent. They spent the year touring almost half the radio stations in the US, making every telly appearance possible and convincing American audiences that they were the group to take on 98 and N Sync.
Their hard work paid off Back Here stayed in the US Top 20 for more than three months, making No.1 in the Adult Contemporary Radio Chart for five weeks and becoming the most requested song on MTVs Total Request Live in the summer. They performed to over 100 million people on American TV, their debut album Sooner Or Later became a million-seller, they received a Radio Music Award nomination and toured with Britney on her sell-out tour.
BB Mak had become very famous indeed. Hurrah!


hey i HAD a interview in here but SOMEONE PPL Not saying names got mad at me and made me get rid of it Phoo phoo to u! thats all i have to say,
sara l.

FACT 1The band are massive in Asia Back Here has been No.1 in five countries there.

FACT 2The lads have rubbed showbiz shoulders with George Clooney, Boyz II Men and Rachel Leigh Cook from Shes All That. Oh and AJ BSB invited them to his birthday bash.

FACT 3AND 80s popster Tiffany bought a copy of their album.

FACT 4Marks favourite thing about girls is, erm, the way theyre all cuddly. We shall bear that in mind, love!

FACT 5Last year BB Mak went on a mere 174 flights while touring the radio stations of the US.

FACT 6Now they have a swanky tour bus with 12 beds, two lounges, a kitchen, Sky TV, Playstation, Dreamcast, Nintendo, a DVD player, a toilet, a shower Travelling light? Not these boys.

FACT 7When BB Mak were in America they missed the whole Big Brother telly phenomenon their mums used to tape it and send vids over for em to watch, but Ste says they never really got it at the time.

FACT 8Christians nicknames Burnsy, Marks is Baz and Ste gets the incredibly snappy moniker of Ste Mak wonder what genius thought that up?

FACT 9Mark says that theres one thing that his mum doesnt know about him I gave a jumper she knitted for me to charity, he fesses. And Mrs McNally is still in the dark about who set the dog's tail on fire. Step forward, Ste.

FACT 10And finally over to Mark to explain why the BB Mak sound is so different The influence for me is soul, Christians more of the pop side and Stes got the rock side. So with the three of us together, you get the soul with the harmonies, the rock with the production and the pop with the melodies. Its a good mixture.

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another fact :sold over a million copies of their album, Sooner Orsold over a million copies of their album, Sooner Or later